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A modern business environment can not be imagined without the existence and application of computer networks that define the stability, security and performance of network resources. In order to respond to the growing needs of the IT industry for collaboration, a network architecture is needed that meets the needs of users and provides better, more flexible and reliable communication.

About the solution

Enterprise network infrastructure is an open, scalable, software-driven network architecture, specially designed to deliver faster business services, enabling greater business flexibility and rapid response to innovation. A special focus is to reduce costs and complexity, increase security, or reduce risk, as well as align with different regulatory requirements.

Network management solutions enable the availability and monitoring of critical business services and support the work of the hard disk platform in the broadest sense. With the appropriate network architecture, IT managers will be able to more easily manage and protect the network while at the same time creating better connections between users, devices, applications and business processes.


Switches are active network devices whose role is to connect and communicate between several network devices in the local network, enabling data exchange between them. These types of devices generally work at the second level (Layer 2), however, depending on the needs of users, they can function at the third level (Layer 3).

Managed switches, in addition to their basic functionality, have the ability to set up their operating modes, so they can easily be integrated into a network system of any type and size. In addition, they allow monitoring and management of network traffic and enable control of load, flow, adjustment of security parameters and interconnection.


A router or network router is a computer device that serves to interconnect computer networks. It has the function to specify for each data packet the path – the route by which the packet needs to go and forward that same packet to the next device in the array.

Most modern routers have a Firewall feature that successfully blocks unwanted access to the network from a remote location and has the ability to lock the router’s Wi-Fi network to prevent unwanted access to the local network. The router is a Layer 3 device that allows connections to other networks, i.e. the Internet, to distribute traffic for even load on the network and provide backup output from the network (the so-called backup path).

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