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Private cloud

Private cloud solutions (Private Cloud), also known as internal or corporate cloud, represent a server cloud environment that is dedicated to one organization or company.

They are designed to be used for all of the advantages of cloud computing, such as scalability, flexibility and resource optimization, with hosting and management taking place within their own data centers (data centers), i.e. on infrastructure exclusively dedicated to that organization. In other words, a private cloud is exclusive to one organization.

The key advantages of a private cloud environment are clear:

  • Dedicated infrastructure: hardware, storage and network resources are used exclusively by the organization. This provides greater control over the infrastructure.
  • Improved security and privacy: a private cloud environment offers a higher level of data security and privacy, since it is isolated from the public Internet and other organizations. This is especially important for organizations operating under strict compliance with numerous regulatory requirements.
  • Customization and control: organizations have more control over the configuration and management of their private cloud resources, allowing them to fully customize it to their specific needs and requirements.
  • Scalability: private cloud solutions can be designed so that their volume and complexity increase, or decrease based on the current needs of the organization, providing the necessary flexibility and rational use of shared resources.
  • Cost management: Although private cloud solutions can be more expensive to set up and maintain compared to public cloud services, they are always a cost-effective option for organizations with stable and predictable workloads, or organizations that require a high level of control and security.

Private cloud solutions are often chosen by companies and government organizations that require a high level of control over their computing environment, handle sensitive data, have specific workloads, or have to coordinate production processes with special regulations. Setting up and maintaining a private cloud can be more complex and demanding than using a public cloud, but in return it provides unique advantages in terms of control and security.

Coming private cloud

The private cloud environment can be realized at the user’s physical location (on-premises) or within the data center of the telehousing service provider. The implementation of a private cloud environment involves setting up a dedicated and highly controlled infrastructure in accordance with the goals and real needs of the business, with appropriate virtualization technologies, network architecture, storage and automation configuration, monitoring and management of security and compliance issues.

Coming provides its customers with data center technologies that include leading hardware and software solutions that represent the industry standard of quality. Special attention during implementation is given to ensuring high availability of resources and data, as well as backup and disaster recovery systems to continuously protect data and applications. Decades of experience in this field guarantee highly optimized solutions in accordance with industry best practices.

Coming Private Cloud
services include:

  • Design and implementation of private cloud solutions in accordance with user needs.
  • Implementation of automated systems for creating backup copies and disaster recovery (Backup & Disaster Recovery).
  • Maintenance and support for a wide range of private cloud technologies.
  • Active monitoring of user environment and performance with notifications and proactive support.
  • Consulting and training of engineers and administrators

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