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SAP localization support

As a global leader in the business software market, SAP provides companies of all sizes, businesses and industries with platforms to manage business operations and customer relationships.

SAP helps companies better manage complex business processes by providing employees in different departments with simple insight into the business processes of the entire enterprise, in real time. With a modern ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution in the cloud, SAP covers all key areas of the company’s business, from sales and service, human resources, finance, accounting, controlling and procurement, to production, storage, distribution and project management, with powerful analytics functionality and reporting.

SAP localization

Localization refers to the process of adapting SAP software to the specific legal, regulatory and business requirements of a particular country or region. This customization is necessary because different countries have unique tax laws, reporting standards, language requirements, and other business practices that need to be accommodated in the software.

The localization process usually includes the following key aspects:

  • Legal Compliance: Ensuring that the SAP system complies with the legal and regulatory framework of a specific country (tax laws and other legal obligations).
  • Language and Culture Adaptation: Adapting the software to the language and cultural conventions of the target region.
  • Currency and accounting standards: Configuring the system to support local currency and accounting standards.
  • Localization of business processes: Customizing the SAP system to adapt to specific business practices and processes common in the target country or industry.
  • Integration with on-premise systems: Ensuring that the SAP system seamlessly integrates with other on-premises systems and technologies.
  • Support and Maintenance: Providing ongoing support and maintenance to address any changes in local regulations or business practices.

Support for SAP localization in Serbia

SAP ERP business software localized for the Serbian market follows legal changes in the Republic of Serbia and is fully adapted for use by companies operating in this market. Coming offers its clients comprehensive support and the necessary expertise for the implementation of a localized version of the SAP system and its configuration in accordance with the specific requirements of the Serbian business environment:

Accounting of all business changes according to the chart of accounts applied in the Republic of Serbia

  • Creating and maintaining a general ledger account
  • Entry and posting of general ledger documents
  • Linking and closing open general ledger account items
  • Review, reversal, change of documents, untying of items, reposting
  • Automatic daily download of the exchange rate list from the service of the National Bank of Serbia
  • Calculation of exchange rate differences (realized and unrealized)
  • Operational reporting through the use of standard SAP reports (at the level of a legal entity, segments, business areas, profit centers)

Setting up tax records

Obtaining all legal VAT reports in a format suitable for import to the portal of the Tax Administration

Bank accounting:

  • Preparation and electronic payment from the SAP system in domestic and foreign currencies. Generation of payment files in Halcom format for dinar and foreign currency payments.
  • Electronic processing of dinar bank statements in Halcom format
  • Electronic processing of foreign currency bank statements in Halcom format
  • Entry and posting of documents in dinar and foreign currency cash registers

Integration with the system of electronic invoices (SEF):

  • Sending all output documents from the FI and SD modules
  • Individual tax records
  • Cockpit for bulk sending and document status monitoring

Adjustment of tax depreciation of fixed assets

Calculation and reporting for tax depreciation in accordance with legal regulations

Setup and generation of legal reports in prescribed format

  • Gross balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and loss

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