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In addition to reliable data storage, which is the basic function of databases, systems increasingly must meet the needs of users in terms of statistical/analytical processing. This led to the development of another branch of products, intended for the management of the so-called data warehouses suitable for analytical processing.

About the solution

The solution, that is, the platform that appeared in response to the growing volume of transactional and semi-structured (textual) data is SAP HANA – which uses a number of standard industrial servers as the basis for managing databases (the size of which is measured in hundreds of terabytes) and their statistical processing (integration with open statistical platform “R”).

It is a relational database that combines many of the above solutions: transaction management, analytical/statistical processing, analysis of textual (unstructured) data, extensibility to web solutions (Hadoop). At the same time, it is not only about the introduction of new functions, but also about a dramatic increase in data processing speed – dozens or even thousands of times. Fast processors, parallel data processing and databases located in the operational memory of servers today seem like the ultimate solution and platform for a new type of business management: real-time business.

SAP HANA is a platform that accepts data from various sources and is intended for both SAP business applications and other applications and sources of structured and unstructured data, whether for transactional, analytical or combined processing. At the heart of the platform is a hybrid data storage system that combines three approaches – row-based, column-based and object-based. In addition, HANA uses modern compression algorithms, which allows data to take up less space and be stored in the system’s working memory instead of on the hard disk.

Modern business conditions are a challenge for every company. The amount of data is increasing, the deadlines for making decisions are getting shorter, and the competition has never been stronger. In such circumstances, managers are under great pressure, how to analyze terabytes of data in the shortest possible time and make good decisions.

Such business is possible thanks to the automation of business processes and data obtained in real time, which are provided by SAP solutions.

How has SAP HANA improved business?

With the advent of SAP HANA solutions, real-time business has become a reality. HANA is a relational database that enables transaction management and analytical data processing.

HANA provides dozens or even thousands of times faster data processing than previous solutions. Also, the platform uses modern compression algorithms. By using them, the data takes up less space and can be stored in the working memory of the system.

What innovations does SAP S/4HANA bring?

SAP S/4HANA is a new vision of business software.

S/4HANA enables additional optimization of business processes and cost reduction.

The platform offers 10 times higher data compression and 10,000 times better RAM memory utilization compared to the standard model. New technology provides real-time transaction tracking, instant data processing and better-quality information.

S/4HANA also brings new FIORI interface functions that increase employee productivity.

SAP S/4HANA now also in the region

Thanks to COMING, SAP S/4HANA has arrived in the region.

The migration was done by the company MSK from Kikinda, and COMING as a cloud provider provided the resources.

Of course in the cloud

In this way, at least as far as the infrastructure is concerned, the entire implementation phase went unnoticed.

The results of the migration were presented at the SAP meeting MOVE to S/4HANA #ONE held on September 6, 2019. in the “Hilton” hotel.

If you want to find out what was discussed at the meeting, click on the link:

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