Requirements for storage capacity are increasing day by day. It is estimated that a capacity of 1 TB per capita will soon be needed. As today's business involves generating content without restrictions, management of storage systems is a must.

About the solution

When designing an IT solution for the IT infrastructure, the central storage area occupies a key place and needs to be given special attention. All modern Data Centers require a uniquely centralized solution of this type, which is resistant to failure, has sufficient capacity and supports the possibility of growth without dramatic shifts in technology. The key principles are the optimal use of available space, the availability of advanced functionality for the safety of stored data, the provision of fast and reliable backup and system restore.

SAN – Storage Area Network

Most of today’s demanding storage solutions are based on SAN technology that has a bandwidth of 8 Gb / s. The advantage of this solution is that the storage network (SAN) is separated from the LAN and serves only to communicate with disks – therefore, the performance of such systems is very high.

IP storage systems

IP storage systems are increasingly being installed as solutions that can be implemented without any disadvantages instead of SAN solutions. This is primarily the result of raising the capacity of the LAN resource by the emergence of 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE). These systems have already proven that performance and functionality do not lag behind SAN solutions, and that their price is far more competitive.

Storage – AllFlash devices

SSD technology has made so much progress as to become an alternative to traditional storage solutions. All Flash devices are the type of storage specially optimized for using fast SSDs. All Flash devices achieve better performance and savings in a way that further optimizes read and write from SSDs.


HCI is a device that combines storage and server and allows the convergence of physical data scaling to an industry standard x86 server. This architecture also includes hardware and software, and it enables the launch of thousands of virtual desktops. In addition, the whole system is modularly designed and tested so that it knows in advance what business volume supports.

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