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COMING - Computer Engineering has extensive experience in designing and implementing solutions for server infrastructure. We have done a lot of projects and used the latest IT trends in order to meet the needs and requirements of clients and markets. We can help you with all the current technologies in this domain and provide support and training to your employees.

About the solution:

Server platforms are a very important part of IT infrastructure solutions that are designed on the basis of precisely defined business requirements and technology. Also, when designing a server infrastructure, one should also bear in mind the experience that IT staff possess, the technologies they are managing, and the way in which the development of IT technology goes.

RISC server platforms

RISC server platforms occupy an important place in IT systems that have a large number of users, large databases and requirements that require complex and fast calculations. IT systems based on this technology make up a significant part of the market, so it is easier to use the same technology than to invest in migrating solutions to other systems.

Server platforms x86

X86 server platforms are a basic platform in small and medium-sized enterprises, and equally dominate large companies. Standardization of these platforms allows users to use servers from different manufacturers without affecting the function of the application layer, that is, the vendor is neutral. These server platforms are rapidly evolving and do not lag behind RISC technology in their performance. The capacity of these platforms exceeds the needs of most software tools, and the average utilization of most modern x86 servers ranges from 5% to 15%. Virtualization is a technology that overcomes this problem and enables optimum use of hardware resources.

Blade server technology

Blade server technology is increasingly present as a server platform solution. This technology enables consolidation of resources in the Data Center, reducing the need for additional server, network and data storage resources and system power. This technology makes it easier to administer the system by reducing the possibility of a human error. With all the leading manufacturers, this technology is already being used extensively, and can no longer be avoided when designing the Data Center and designing solutions for server platforms.

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Coming Computer Engineering

Kompanija COMING – Computer Engineering d.o.o. osnovana je 1991. godine sa ciljem da kreira, razvija, implementira, prodaje i pruža usluge podrške IT sistema, kako bi izašla u susret potrebama i zahtevima klijenata i tržišta.