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SAP is a comprehensive solution for business processes in all industries. The introduction of the SAP system enables transparent and better management of business processes, which makes their efficiency considerably increased.

About the solution

SAP solutions enable organizations to automate and integrate major business processes and deliver uninterrupted data flow in real time. In this way, employees can perform work tasks more efficiently, and management has a good basis for strategic decision making.

SAP business solutions are ideal for businesses in medium and large enterprises in the areas of resource planning (ERP), as well as in finance, human resources management, product life cycle tracking and supply chains.

Careful resource planning can save a lot, but their redistribution is probably the most important task facing companies, that is, to provide existing users with the best possible service and, if possible, attract new users.

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Coming Computer Engineering

Kompanija COMING – Computer Engineering d.o.o. osnovana je 1991. godine sa ciljem da kreira, razvija, implementira, prodaje i pruža usluge podrške IT sistema, kako bi izašla u susret potrebama i zahtevima klijenata i tržišta.