Sophisticated communication devices and solutions have brought comfort to the business, thanks to the availability of data at any time, from anywhere. However, the number of data sources, the media for their transfer and the destination they are sent to constitute business communication complicated for administration and security.

About the solution

Compromising data can cause enormous business damage, and one of the solutions to protect and safely transfer digital data of any kind can be Safe-T High-risk Data Security. This solution provides a high level of security of business data from any source, through any medium and transfer to any destination, and consists of two components that address various aspects of protection and can work together, or independently from each other.

Secure Data Access (SDA)

Secure Data Access (SDA) is a solution for the perimeter protection of a data center that disables the direct access of users to the publicly available server. Functioning of the solution is not limited to the type of application hosted on the server. The main advantages of this solution are the following:

  • Completes an existing firewall by isolating applications, services, and networks from an attacker;
  • By removing publicly available servers from the DMZ zone, investments in the protection of the data center perimeter are reduced;
  • Application of data, services, networks and applications is possible only with authorization;
  • Minimum need for VPN;
  • Improve the need to pass various traffic through a firewall between the DMZ and the internal network.

Secure Data Exchange (SDE)

Secure Data Exchange (SDE) is an advanced software tool, the so-called. data broker, designed to control the overall exchange of business data within and outside the organization and protect applications while enabling secure data exchange between them. The solution is used for:

  • Data leakage, malware, run-time, stealing and deception;
  • Support any kind of user or application data exchange;
  • Concerning the cost-effectiveness of a secure exchange of business data through operational efficiency,
  • Facilitating and consolidating data exchange solutions;
  • Ensuring safe data exchange with users, business partners, cloud applications;
  • Control of data flow to and from the organization;
  • Sending files that are higher than the limits set by other mail solutions.

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