Today, infrastructure maintenance is unthinkable without a well-tuned monitoring system. By using appropriate monitoring tools, you can identify potential problems before they become critical to your business.

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Monitoring is a service that monitors every aspect of IT infrastructure, enables early detection and elimination of a possible problem and ensures business continuity. It implies the practice of collecting regular data relating to your infrastructure in order to provide timely alerts in the event of an unplanned downtime in the operation of the entire infrastructure, but also in case of unauthorized decline or saturated resources in use. Also, IT monitoring has a systematic approach to problem solving, which means it monitors and identifies errors that are difficult to notice.

Thanks to monitoring and complete insight into IT infrastructure, you can get detailed analysis and business reporting. Regular reporting further ensures proper targeting and targeting, all for the sake of a better and more efficient operation.

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Kompanija COMING – Computer Engineering d.o.o. osnovana je 1991. godine sa ciljem da kreira, razvija, implementira, prodaje i pruža usluge podrške IT sistema, kako bi izašla u susret potrebama i zahtevima klijenata i tržišta.