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For a more efficient organization of business, a proper analysis and insight into all business processes is necessary. In this case, Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution is installed.

About the solution

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a system that combines the general features of ERP solutions and some of the specifics that make it an excellent choice in our market. In the first place, there is an integrated database, thanks to which all the necessary information is found and searched from one place. In addition, it allows the way the organization functions properly within the system, and it is fully localized for Serbia, which includes the help system and documentation, but it is much more important that it is in line with local legislation.

For most companies, working in Microsoft Office tools is the basis for making Microsoft Dynamics NAV use simple and familiar, since it keeps the same look. In addition to facilitating work, it is much more important to reduce the repulsiveness of individuals because they do not require them to get used to something new. In addition, data can be loaded from Microsoft Office documents, and recorded in the same format in Microsoft Dynamics NAV for further processing, report creation.

It is important to emphasize that the implementation of this solution is reliable. For successful work there is a guarantee in the form of a large company behind the system and the work of thousands of developers over the years. In addition, more than 100,000 companies and over one million users who work daily on this solution speak much about the results.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

In COMING offer you can find the latest Microsoft Dynamics NAV version. It is recommended for the business of small and medium enterprises. Benefits of this solution are better control over supply chains, production processes and corporate finance. The solution is fully digitized and available on every device.

In COMING we offer two variants of this business solution:

  • Microsof Dynamics NAV on premise
  • Microsof Dynamics NAV in cloud-u

Sure Step methodology

The success of a business software deployment project depends on several factors. Among them are the knowledge and experience of the partners as well as the implementation methodology used in the process of introducing the information system. Sure Step is a reliable and comprehensive methodology that needs to be implemented before Microsoft Dynamics NAV, since it explains the discipline and processes necessary for implementation itself.

Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology is approved by Microsoft and ensures that every Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution implementation project is completed in time, within the planned budget and client requirements. The Sure Step methodology clearly defines the phases of the project, processes, key moments and levels of user participation.

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