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Cryptography is a very dynamic science, characterized by a close connection between theory and practice. This is indicated by the fact that any progress in theory is quickly implemented and tested. The discovery of defects immediately improves theoretical work, and the acquired experience is used to create a new, better method.

About the solution

With the advent of computers, cryptography is rapidly evolving. Increased hardware makes it possible to “break” the codes for a shorter time, while at the same time it is working on the development of safer and more complicated encryption schemes. This area is based on the use of cryptosystems consisting of encryption algorithms, one or more keys, key management and data systems in the form of standard and encrypted text. Complexity is further influenced by the fact that cryptosystems can be implemented by hardware, software, or combined, and that basic security requirements must be met during implementation.

Today, cryptographic algorithms use complex mathematical expressions, as well as knowledge in electronics and programming. Progress is getting faster, and the application is wider: from banking applications, through the Internet store, to operating systems. Cryptographic algorithms are also applicable in telecommunication systems, television, and other areas for which we are often unaware of such needs.

Trend Micro Endpoint Encription

Trend Micro Endpoint Encryption is a solution for the complete encryption of data on desktop and laptop computers, files and folders, including portable media such as USB devices. Endpoint Encryption protects data if the device is stolen or lost and prevents unauthorized access and use of private information. In addition, Trend Micro enables management through a well-integrated management console.

Check Point Full Disk Encryption Software

Check Point is a world leader in security solutions for endpoint security, or user devices. Check Point provides users with automatic protection for all information, including user data, operating system files, as well as temporary and deleted files. For maximum data protection, Check Point allows access to end devices for only authorized users.

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