Web technologies have led to the trend of Internet-browsing, because everything the user needs is a browser, and the options seem to be infinite. Unfortunately, this situation has contributed to the development of crime, where individuals try to make various mischiefs and cause loss of funds by new, powerful means.

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Protecting web applications is an ongoing process that involves people and practice, and it can be said that this is a path, not a destination. As the applications and infrastructure are analyzed, it is necessary to identify and analyze possible threats and classify them in a certain degree of risk. This means that protection involves dealing with risk control and the use of a countermeasure.

Vulnerability of web applications

Companies mostly apply basic security solutions for all services, such as firewall and IPS. The basic security solutions of the company’s web application are not completely protected against attacks from the Internet, because firewalls and IPS solutions do not read queries at the application level, but they verify that HTTP functions according to RFC standards and apply generic protection policies.

Firewall and IPS are not enough

Firewall and IPS are not enough if there is no mechanism for checking user input. This means that, for example, for forms that allow users to log in, there must be a mechanism for checking whether a user enters a string of characters in the foreground fields, and not special characters that might represent commands that a malicious user tries to, for example, communicate with database.

Enter user data

With web applications, where there is always a logging option for users to register and authorize access to a specific content, it is necessary to simply follow the user, and this is usually performed by the so-called cookies.

Insufficient, good cookie management solution, in terms of storing, encrypting, and checking the duration, where there is a possibility that, after a large number of attempts, a special combination of logging credentials is successfully guessed by special tools, it is a prerequisite for the success of attacks to gain privileged access application.

The examples of attacks just cited suggest that companies should adopt appropriate application protection solutions, as their reputation will depend on whether users can trust them.

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