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Modern technologies bring advanced solutions for business as well as the expansion of various attacks. Investing in the safety of users and devices allows threats to be foreseen and shut down in time.

About solutions

Every company, with a modern business policy, should be aware of the risks that come from outside, whether they are viruses, phishing scams or malicious intrusions, as well as internal risks and their employees who pose a potential threat to system and business. The safety of users and devices can be achieved thanks to the following solutions:

Endpoint Protection – Trend Micro

Trend Micro is a security solution recommended for small and medium-sized businesses that enables coverage of two critical points: email traffic and user devices. This solution does not require the installation and maintenance of additional equipment because it is realized through services stored in the Data Centers of the manufacturer.

Protection of mobile devices – Check Point

The Check Point solution has the highest possible level of zero day detection. Using a unique processor-level mechanism at the moment, it provides secure content by running documents in a secure environment and verifying that it contains an active malware component. This solution in the world is known as sandboxing technology.

User activity monitoring – Teramind

Internal risks pose a threat to the company’s operations, ranging from security risks to work efficiency of individuals. The Teramind solution is based on the monitoring of workstations and virtual machines used by employees as well as the taking of prescribed actions in the event of a violation of the company’s security policy.

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