What is the Law on Security and when it came into force?

This law regulates measures for protection against security risks in information and communication systems, the responsibilities of legal entities in managing and using information and communication systems, and determines the competent authorities for the implementation of protection measures, coordination between the protection factors and monitoring the correct application of the prescribed protection measures.

The law came into force on February 5, 2016.

Who are the taxpayers of the Law?

The taxpayers of the Law are defined by the Regulation on the Establishment of the List of Jobs in the areas where activities of general interest are performed and in which ICT systems of special importance are used.

How can Coming help you fulfill your legal obligations?

Company Coming – Computer Engineering d.o.o. in cooperation with the Institute for Standardization of Serbia provides consulting services for the preparation of the ICT system for the introduction of the Safety Act.

Our services also apply to organizations that have adopted the Security Act, where the measures prescribed by the Act are not implemented in the business. With the help of analysis of the current state of business, we will provide you with activities aimed at achieving the measures prescribed by the Act.

If you are categorized in accordance with ISO / IEC 27001, the process of introducing a security policy and satisfying the measures prescribed by the Safety Act has been greatly facilitated for your organization.

Security Act and / or Security Policy

The provision of the Law on Security is that Act obliges the Law to pass the Safety Act. The requested Security Act may have different names, but the most common is the security policy. The Security Act, in accordance with the Law, determines the protection measures, principles, method and procedures for achieving and maintaining an adequate level of system security, as well as the powers and responsibilities related to the security and resources of the ICT system of special importance.

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