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Security risks in business always exist. However, at a time when an increasing number of employees are out of office space and use private devices for business purposes, the company's business data becomes increasingly exposed to risky environments, and their protection becomes more and more important.

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Looking at working environments in time for us, securing sensitive company data was simply reduced to locking doors, recruiting physical security and issuing employees’ IDs. In a modern working environment, mobility is an increasingly present trend, allowing employees to work wherever they are, rather than in a closed and controlled office environment.

Forester’s 2014 survey (Forrester’s Business Technographics Global Telecom and Mobility Workforce Survey) showed that 52% of today’s workforce is at least several times a month away from the office. One of the main risks to mobility is the risk of losing or stealing computers. If the computer gets into the wrong hands and the data is not protected, the attacker has access to everything that exists on that computer. In order to protect themselves from loss of business data, which can cause not only financial damage but also compromise reputation, companies must implement some of the data protection systems.

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