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The IT area records significant changes in relation to the previous years: the number of users, applications and the amount of logs generated. Although changes in the IT sector are natural and desirable, the question arises as to whether the current customary security management serves us well enough ...

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In large systems it is very difficult to list all the devices and tasks that have administrative rights. Also, a large amount of data is imposed as a problem, and a way should be found not only for their centralized storage and searching, but also for automated analysis and reporting. In addition, it is necessary to provide a system for collecting logs and events from various devices, servers and applications in the network. Here, solutions for centralized management enter into the scene, which for IT administrators are an essential tool in the process of monitoring and determining the main causes of problems in the infrastructure. In addition, nothing less is the fact that the company has trained engineers who will be able to monitor and manage these solutions on a daily basis, harmonizing their work with the security regulations that the company wants to meet.

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