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Keeping business data safe is one of the most challenging tasks in IT world. Taking into consideration how serious consequences of data compromising can be, money that you spend on safety shouldn’t be perceived as an expense, but as a long term investment.

Safety at COMING

Taking into consideration that data safety is based on risk evaluation, it is necessary to raise company managers awareness of possible consequences for business.

Appearance of computer viruses, network invasion or work interruptions of IT systems can bring financial expenses to the company and damage its reputation. Although every company is different, threats are the same.

The loss of data can occur through:

  • Malicious internet content
  • Attack of physical systems
  • Authentication attacks
  • Interruption of system work

In the case that threats are not predicted and the response is not quick and adequate, ability to stay ahead of the competition or even sole business existence will be endangered.

If you put things into long- term perspective, in the era of cyber- crime, spending money and resources on safety is an investment that allows you to create business continuity plan, strengthens trust of your clients into your work and improves users experience.

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