The new standard in wireless data transfer opens a new chapter in the way users communicate with each other. As the number of networked devices increases, the requirements and expectations that the network platform should support in order to cover all the challenges of modern business are increasing.

About the solution

Wireless technologies allow us to network without cabling. The quality of wireless connections requires:

  • Detailed analysis of terrain
  • Define the points on which wireless equipment is installed
  • Identify the occupancy of frequencies that would be used to realize wireless connections

Wireless networks provide modern and secure wireless solutions tailored to the mobility needs of enterprises of all sizes. The users of the solution safely access the desired applications in real time, while the IT administration realizes the user experience with easy management and control of traffic from the network to the application level. A large number of integrated authentication protocols provide maximum protection for BYOD and IoT, and network connectivity problems are resolved before they occur, with the ability to predict and plan ahead. Another benefit is greater flexibility, or easier adaptation to changes in the network configuration.

Today the development of wireless technology allows the implementation of IoT, a concept that, with the help of a wireless connection, manages and controls the things and devices. Internet of Things (IoT) is composed of all devices that can connect to the network, which function on the basis of data they receive from each other, using built-in sensors, processors and communication hardware.

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