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Sometimes communication from remote locations was a real luxury and required expensive and then complex equipment. In today's business environment, using a computer network as a platform, companies can extend communication services to all employees, in all workplaces - central business premises, company branches or in the field.

About the solution

Unified communications consist of technologies that have emerged as a result of the integration of computer and telephone networks. Unified communications means a unique IP-based communication network, as well as IP communication devices that we will use for various communication modes. Through IP telephony, users can view content on the Internet, send text and voice messages via e-mail, view multimedia content, or have video communications with a variety of new functionality.

The basis for the functioning of this kind of communication of digital telephony is VOIP technology (Voice over Internet Protocol), voice over the Internet. This type of telephony has become a serious competitor to conventional telephony, due to a number of advantages and savings:

  • Reduced travel expenses
  • Reduced telephone costs
  • Video conference with more participants
  • Connecting with field employees and outside the office
  • Organized meetings in the short term
  • Unique user experience independent of the type of device
  • Conduct training and online education

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