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Traditional firewall devices have offered a partial solution through traffic monitoring and scanning. However, since this approach did not fully address the problem of visibility and control, there was a need for a new, more functional system.

About the solution

Firewall systems of the new generation (NGFW) offer greater functionality than traditional ones. They allow you to filter user traffic at the URL or application level, which opens the ability to block applications that fall into the category of potentially malicious, such as, Tor or Torrent. In addition, many NGFW solutions support advanced antimalware protection, stopping the distribution of malicious file at the network level.

Check Point

Check Point is one of the leaders in network firewall devices and products in the field of Internet traffic control. This company is the inventor of stateful firewall inspection, functionality without which it is impossible to imagine any modern firewall device. The devices are based on the concept of software blades, which allows more functionality to be installed on the same device.

The Check Point traffic control system distinguishes more than 6,600 internet applications and 260,000 social network widgets. Security policies are created through a simple and intuitive graphical interface, using a centralized console. Devices can be integrated with AD servers, so security policies can be based on user identities and AD groups, and can be time-limited. Also, Check Point has the ability to restrict flows to specific applications.

Another of the features of Check Point that make it the best in the segment of advanced firewall devices is the possibility of detailed reporting and monitoring of Internet traffic. The SmartEvent console allows the correlation of several million logs a day, highlighting the most important events in the network.


Cisco Firepower NGFW is the first fully integrated next-generation firewall focused on threats. Faster defends and detects advanced threats, blocks malicious connections and provides effective security against malware attacks. The latest Cisco Firewall provides granular control over more than 4000 commercial applications, and a unique management interface delivers complete visibility over the network, users and devices. It analyzes the vulnerability of networks, automatically finds a correlation with threats and enables the definition of a security IT policy.

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