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Improving productivity through the availability of the work environment, when and where needed, while simultaneously centralizing resources and data, is in line with the general trend of modern business.

About the solution

Safe delivery of desktops and applications through digital workspace through virtual data centers and virtual machines improves the end-user productivity of the workplace.

VMware Horizon

Relying on mobility and cloud technology, Horizon 7 offers greater security, flexibility, speed, and scope for running local virtual desktops and applications, with simplified management. Users are able to safely access from one location, through any device, to all their desktops, applications and online services. Horizon 7 provides IT organizations with the ability to use closed-loop management and automation, with close integration with a software-defined data center.

Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp

Vodeće rešenje za virtuelizaciju desktopa i aplikacija uz smanjenje IT troškova.
Citrix vam nudi potpunu virtuelnu aplikaciju i desktop rešenje kako bi sve vaše poslovne potrebe bile zadovoljene. Izaberite Windows, Linux, web i SaaS aplikacije ili potpune virtualne računare u cloud-u, on-premise ili u hibridnoj varijanti.

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