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In today's mobile world, applications are the basis on which modern business relies. They help employees to be productive and successful, enabling them to do work anytime and anywhere from different devices and operating systems, thus achieving a uniform work environment.

About the solution

A growing trend in the use of mobile devices for business purposes is an opportunity for software companies to develop solutions that enable the management and control of the use or access to corporate data and applications. Such solutions are also referred to as MDM (Mobile Devices Management) solutions.

Functionality of the MDM solution is reflected in the fact that they enable visibility and management of all devices from the central administrative position. This means that it is easy to control access to data with them. It is possible to prohibit access to applications or part of the data from outside working hours, or, in the event of a particular device being lost, it is possible to completely block access to the corporate network.

VMware Workspace ONE

Over the past years, VMware has put a lot of effort into the development of the End User Computing sector and has rounded off its efforts by publishing the Workspace ONE solution.

VMware Workspace ONE is a simple and secure platform for distribution and management of applications and mobile devices. Workspace ONE integrates MDM (Mobile Device Management) and MAM (Mobile Application Management) functionality from VMware AirWatch, publishing applications and virtual desktops using VMware Horizon and managing credentials for various applications using VMware Identity Manager.

VMware Workspace ONE provides a high level of security for mobile devices by protecting end-to-end corporate information. It also ensures the security of devices, applications, documents, e-mails and use of corporate networks (VPN and WiFi).

VMware Workspace ONE delivers virtual desktops, Windows or Linux, applications and online services in a safe way through the digital workspace of virtual machines and physical devices. VMware has developed the Unity Touch widget in Horizon, which allows its controls to be significantly easier with Windows applications when they are launched on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

VMware Workspace ONE provides additional security and user authentication using the Verify dual-factor authentication application on iOS, Android or Chrome operating systems, as well as multi-factor authentication via VMware Identity Manager.

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