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Management of Sales and Marketing – CRM

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) represents system for managing communication with existing and future customers. The CRM solution allows you to track your users and activities that have taken place or should be planned according to plan.

About the solution

CRM is a business solution that helps companies improve their sales, marketing and service activities through automating business processes to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of overall organization and increase customer satisfaction.

The three most important reasons for the implementation of CRM are:

  • Increasing market share
  • Drawing the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Competitiveness on the market

Companies that want to provide their customers with the best possible treatment, try to gain their loyalty, and at the same time gain new customers and successfully operate on the market in the long run, they need to optimize their resources, recognize the sales opportunities, and provide users with a better user experience, help with CRM solutions.

Today, there is almost no product without accompanying services. The most common type of accompanying services are transport, delivery, reclamation, field trip in the event of a standstill, response rate on demand, evaluation, and more. The idea behind the CRM is to provide users with a fast response to demand, which is accompanied by quality, with the aid of automation. Companies that can offer this to their customers have a great chance to create long-term partnerships, which further influence income stability.

When choosing CRM solutions, you choose those that are tailored to your business. In general, when deciding on an appropriate solution, it is important to examine the functionality of the solution, the level of support offered by the solution, the price, and especially the test period, in which you can in practice examine the solution options.

COMING can offer you CRM solutions in its premises or cloud option.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

One of the new generation solutions is Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM 2016 product. The basis of this solution consists of three business functions: sales, marketing and services. Microsoft has recognized the inextricable relationship of these three services, so the CRM solution is a consequence of this consistency. Of course, as far as the new generation solution is concerned, we are talking about a server-client application based on IIS web applications. It is possible to access it with the help of Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox, as well as via mobile phones and Android applications, and the solution is also supported in Serbian.

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