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Nowadays, modern business cannot be imagined without the constant monitoring of new technological solutions, their implementation and active application. A well-defined IT strategy development strategy allows us not only to respond to market demands, but also to create the market and needs in order to remain competitive.

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Since digital transformation is part of our business reality, it is very important to choose the right partner to assist you in choosing information technology solutions and in defining a unique strategy that is economically justified.

COMING Computer Engineering can offer you exactly these services through designing results, determining the necessary investments and determining a comprehensive long-term plan. Together with the client, we create a development strategy and define a project task with the dynamics of IT implementation. This kind of planned development implies the formation of a team of IT professionals, the rationalization of basic processes and the establishment of infrastructure equipment. In accordance with the defined project task, COMING can also be your partner for outsourcing IT operations and implementation of infrastructure solutions and application support.

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