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Invest in the data center secure in the reliability of the selected solutions. Numerous successful projects provide us with a service defining strategy for developing IT functions, business continuity and disaster recovery planning, or for delivering and implementing a security policy for your business.

About solutions

To equip the data center today you need knowledge about technologies that are already in use, about technologies that can be integrated and in which all manufacturers can find suitable devices, understanding the installation and configuration process, as well as knowledge for administration needs and further maintenance of your system. Fitting a data center is not easy, and the right decision can directly contribute to the business. That’s why our offer is not just a specification that meets your requirements, but a result of an agreement with the aim of delivering an optimal solution for your business.

By choosing the COMING Data Center solution, you can also count on critical support for infrastructure 24X7X365 and help desk support. Also, COMING can be your partner for outsourcing IT operations.

In the COMING educational center you can also find regular training on the topic of optimization, installation, configuration, management, or complete administration of the data center solution.

As a quality guarantee, behind us are numerous successful projects and partnerships with selected vendors.

IT solutions that we design and implement from the following areas:

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