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The modern business environment is more and more demanding from year to year and requires companies to ensure continuity of business. The inability of a company to deliver its services and products can have serious consequences and it is necessary to take steps to secure business.

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World stats say that as many as 60% of all companies that experience loss of business data are bankrupt within 3 months. Unfortunately, the importance of the impact of IT on total business results is not thought much until the system stops working. Although it happens that the system can work for years without a standstill, the fact is that a serious fall in the system can be catastrophic. This is particularly dangerous in companies that have automated business processes – for them loss of data could bring irreversible damage. For this reason, company managers should understand the nature of the risks and understand the severity of the consequences in order to propose possible solutions depending on the type and needs of the business.

For remote backup and recovery in the event of a disaster, COMING cloud is used. Our data center system is located in the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

The solutions we offer:

Consulting services

In order to ensure continuity of operations, in cooperation with our customers, through consulting services, we are developing a business continuity plan. Measures to ensure continuity of business become a necessity for doing business of any kind, because the tolerance to downtime is low, especially because it entails great costs for which the business is difficult to recover. Many market participants are legally obligated to own a plan and provide technical preconditions for its implementation.

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