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Our company is one of the market leaders for designing, implementation and maintenance solutions of enterprise IT infrastructure.

Infrastructure solutions at COMING

We have done a number of projects through the delivery, implementation and maintenance of infrastructure solutions. Our solutions are based on our expertise in server, storage, networking and other relevant technologies.

We take a leading position as a provider of solutions for the virtualization and consolidation of Data center infrastructure.

By investing in the education of our engineering team in our country and at abroad, we keep pace constantly with technologies. A huge advantage for our customers is certainly a great experience that enables us to create an optimal solution for each customer in accordance with the technologies already in use.

We offer the following infrastructure solutions:


Infrastructure services at COMING

Infrastructure services in COMING include customer support, consulting services and organization of trainings in accordance with your company’s business.

With COMING, you can count on critical infrastructure support 24/7, 365 days a year, and helpdesk support.

We offer the following infrastructure services:

Regular trainings in 2017

Traditionally, Coming offers you the opportunity for training fitted to the needs of the company.

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