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Containers were created in response to the day-to-day needs of developers regarding the portability of applications between different infrastructures, as well as development, test and production environments. In addition, they fit perfectly into current trends in software development, such as unalterable infrastructure and micro-service application architecture.

About the solution

The concept of a container sets a new standard in the world of application development facing the web and mobile devices, bearing in mind the advantages they bring about scalability and portability.

By introducing the concept of the container, we are enabled to pack the application or its special construction units (servos, micro-services) with the necessary configuration and executing environment, so that the packaged “move” without affecting its proper functioning. Containers provide a virtualized environment at the operating system level, enabling the execution of processes with separate network and memory resources using a common operating system kernel. Using a shared operating system, resources are more efficiently utilized in comparison to traditional virtualization, because it is possible to omit the extra components that virtual machines carry with them.

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