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This application offers solutions to companies and institutions dealing with transportation or any business involving the fleet of vehicles. The goal of the application is to reduce the risk associated with investing in machines, improving efficiency and productivity, and reducing transport costs.

About the solution:

In order to take maximum advantage of a fleet, it is necessary to have information about the current condition and a detailed overview of all costs at any time. The Fleet Management System application is fully responsive to this type of request, providing users with the ability to monitor the parameters of the fleet and fleet organization. In this way, the level of utilization of funds is increasing, while current business costs are reduced.

The solution has two systems: notification, or warning and generating reports.

Through an application or email, FMS will timely inform its users of:

  • Introduction of ID card, driver’s license and traffic license
  • Inserting the driver’s medical certificate
  • Insurance for the vehicle
  • Introduction of the equipment (PP appliance, first aid, ATEST TNG devices) for the vehicle
  • To change the tire from summer to winter and vice versa
  • The need for technical inspection and vehicle service

The second system involves extracting, processing, and creating an Excel spreadsheet based on database and generating reports about:

  • The fuel consumption per vehicle for a given period
  • During maintenance costs for a given period
  • Announcing the vehicle for a given period
  • Mileage and average consumption for a given period
  • Allows the recording and debugging records for vehicles
  • The number of recorded fines and traffic accidents

It is important to note that FMS does not offer a universal solution for all clients, but adjusts the application according to the needs of the client. In addition, this service enables centralization of data, business mobility, high level of protection of business data and support of the COMING team. The offer is charged as a monthly service and it is possible to configure the best price / quality ratio.

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