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This is the first application of this type on the market, which serves to track the Continual Improvement process. The application is adapted to the specific requirements of your business, and is available from any computer at any time over the Internet.

About the solution:

With the increase in business volume, the number of interconnected business processes is growing, which should be adequately addressed and organized. Under such conditions, there is a need for quality software support, tailored to the specific business requirements.

CI model is a collection of five managerial techniques that include parameter determination, ranking options for improvement, problem solving, implementation of improvement measures, and improvement of human performance. It can be applied in all parts of the production process including procurement, sales, customer relations, production preparation, storage and shipping, quality control. Continuous improvement ensures easy tracking of outcomes, i.e. trends and activities, with the goal of reducing risk due to environment, incorrect actions or poor organization of work.

The application is available from any computer in the company, as well as from the appropriate device that has access to the Internet. It can also be used during meetings, through the projector, and the CI process leader can directly update each document with his team in group work. The CI application also provides a classic overview and filtering according to common standards, and the three levels of access rights provide targeted referral of users to those parts of the programs they need, without excessive search steps, providing a high level of data protection security.

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