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COMING has identified Zimbra Collaboration Suite as an alternative email messaging solution. With a browser-based user interface, Zimbra provides the most innovative experience in business communication and collaboration available on the market.

About the solution

Zimbra offers innovative solutions for end users and administrators that are compatible with existing infrastructure and applications.

We recommend this solution to small, medium-sized and large companies that want to reduce communication costs while not endangering the quality of business. Zimbra offers services for mailbox, contact management, calendar management, tasks, files on smartphones, tablets or iPods, on desktop or laptop computers, i.e. on Linux, Windows or OS X platforms.

Zimbra is an alternative messaging solution available in a free variant that offers users a simple platform and limited functionality. Another, commercial variant provides the ability to backup, restore, cluster and better integration with mobile clients.

Advanced functionalities are:

  • Response on all devices used in business
  • Active synchronization between all devices that one user uses
  • The overview of the documentation that is injected through the mail
  • The ability to personalize the task
  • Offline mode

Zimbra is a data exchange solution that, by the scope of functionality in a commercial edition, is close to Microsoft Exchange. In addition to basic functionalities, Zimbri can also be added:

  • Platform for Collaboration – Zimbra Talk
  • Nature anti-spam protection

COMING offers Zimbra Collaboration Suite in the following variants:

  • On the premise model, which implies the installation of this service on the user infrastructure.
  • Cloud model, which implies the installation of this solution on the COMING cloud infrastructure.

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