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The conference connection has introduced a new dimension into the framework of business communication and collaboration. Today, high speed and low cost of communication are priced, and the most important resource for doing business in the 21st century is knowledge, timely and relevant information.

About the solution

Skype for Business, Microsoft’s business communication and collaboration solution, is a new name for Lync. However, the name is not the only thing that is different. Skype for Business has moved away from its basic layout and how to use Lync, and is closer to what we are accustomed to in “ordinary” Skype. These changes are conditioned by the need to quickly accept a business variant with the users.

The window for calls and moving through other business applications is the advantages that Skype brings with it, but neither advanced nor easy search has been missed. Of course, there is also the ability to share monitors with a larger number of interlocutors, as well as the ability to use material of different formats, such as PowerPoint, during a conversation.

Collaboration and savings

Collaboration is also visible through other functionalities, and one of the most important is integration with other services, such as e-mail, calendar, SharePoint, CRM, and so on. Skype for Business is a tool that facilitates work, with lower communication and collaboration costs, especially in companies located in multiple locations, have people on the ground or communicate with partners from abroad.

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