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Nowadays business demands are higher than ever, and security and mobility are imperative. In order to meet these requirements, MS Exchange has improved simple mail to increase user productivity, offer information at hand and was flexible enough to respond to an organizational administrative model.

About the solution

Microsoft Exchange is an email solution from Microsoft that provides a unique experience of business communication and collaboration. This email solution is adapted for work on any device (desktop or laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.). The solution is the most common choice of companies in the world and in our country because it provides a vast array of mailbox functionality that resembles other Microsoft Office tools, so it’s easy to use, practically without the need for education.

The basic email functionality of the solution is advanced mailbox service, calendar and task management, comfortable work with attachments (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pictures), equal functionality on all devices, and so on. Additional functionality can be realized depending on the selected platform in the form of a separate service integrated with the email platform or as an additional functionality within the selected e-mail solution.

MS Exchange Inbox allows faster search and consistency. Mobile productivity offers a rich outlook experience on all devices and the security of your data is in line with legal requirements and under constant monitoring. The solution is safe and reliable, allows businesses to move and reduce unwanted e-mail.

Microsoft Exchange is also possible in addition to the basic functionality for exchanging email traffic, adding:

  • SharePlay Platform
  • Platform for Collaboration (Skype for Business)
  • Nature anti-spam protection

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