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Cloud is core to digitalization success.

Cloud computing could be a business model game changer. It enables companies to be much more efficient and make informed business decisions.

Cloud at COMING

You don’t want to spend a lot of money on expensive hardware and licenses? You spend too much time providing technical support? You would like to pay for the service and let someone else take care of it?

COMING Cloud has been developed to provide, safely and economically, ability to use worldwide business solutions. There are many advantages:

  • You are able to combine the applications and scale the service to fit your needs
  • There are no investment expenses
  • Ability to start using the system immediately
  • Application testing
  • Ability to use and integrate Office 365 with all applications

Safety of your business data in COMING cloud is guaranteed by the use of contemporary technology, modern infrastructure, the most secure safety solutions, and also by using strict safety procedures which are attested by ISO 9001 certificate for cloud. Long-term collaboration and satisfaction of our many clients proves how safe doing business in COMING cloud is.

Our team of engineers makes sure that work of cloud solutions and services in COMING cloud is safe and secure. Since the competence is prerequisite for regular and economically justified resource sizing, we are providing operational support and guarantee for your business continuity plan. By using modern tools for tracking infrastructure, our team offers professional consultations and timely infrastructure interventions so you would be able to use at any time the resources that you need.

Cloud solutions that we currently offer:

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