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With the development of IT infrastructure, the number of logs created by its various elements grows, so today in one average IT environment, it generates several thousand logs per second.

About the solution

Managing log files is a key segment of the information system security protection and maintenance. Logs can be helpful in detecting security incidents, operational issues and irreplaceable in IT audits and forensics. Logging and analysis of logs is not only a matter of good practice, but also part of requirements that are prescribed by regulations and standards, such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS or standards prescribed by the National Bank of Serbia for financial institutions.

Log management is defined as a crucial part of security and maintenance of information system operations. Operating system records indicate chronological records of events and activities on the information system resources (records of operating systems, application software, databases, network devices, etc.). Records contain a sufficient amount of information to identify problems, reconstruct events, and detect unauthorized access and activities on the resources of the information system, and to determine accountability in this regard.

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