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Very often business needs require the existence of a disaster recovery (DR) solution in order to reduce the recovery time and the consequences that the business will suffer due to interruption will be reduced to an acceptable level.

About the solution

If Bekap is the first level of protection of business data, disaster recovery can be listed as an advanced, second level. With disaster recovery solutions, we return data and entire business after disaster, which usually means that there has been a complete loss of equipment, and therefore all business applications and data.

COMING is the right choice for you whether you want to build a DR solution at your own remote location or in the COMING cloud. In addition, COMING can be your partner for creating and implementing solutions, as well as training your employees.

Disaster recovery becomes important only when it really needs it, but good news is that anyone today can have a top-notch recovery solution, regardless of the size of the business.

DR requires testing, or simulation of the recovery of business data from a disaster, because only such companies can with certainty know that a concrete solution works. Tests are generally done for half a year, although this dynamics depends on the user’s requirements.

The data center system in which we build solutions for DR for our users is located in Serbia. DR is the legal obligation of a large number of organizations and institutions, and trends show that soon a significant number of participants in the market will be obliged to have it.

Veeam Backup and Recovery

Veeam Backup and Recovery solutions are able to provide the possibility of recovering service in the event of a disaster, without additional investment in a new data center. Users of this service are provided with processor, memory, network and storage resources of the cloud provider. Tariffs are done by a pay-as-you-go model, and cloud providers usually include a fixed number of days for using DR services in the event of a disaster.

COMING can deliver this solution to you if you want to build DR in your own remote location, as well as in case you decide to COMING cloud.

VMware Site Recovery Manager

VMware Site Recovery Manager is a solution for managing and automating post-disaster recovery. This technology provides a high degree of automation in the process of migrating services and virtual machines from primary to backup location as well as returning services to the primary location. VMware Site Recovery Manager uses virtualization to simplify planning and testing procedures for continuing operations and in case of disasters, and simplified and facilitated recovery if a disaster still occurs.

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