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Reliance on traditional backup methods such as recording data on tape, USB, and disks is an unreliable and overwhelming process. Modern business conditions require adaptation to the digital age, or the use of software solutions.

About the solution

Backup is the basic form of data loss protection, and it’s a solution that all companies, regardless of size, should have. Backup is used to protect against data loss caused by equipment failure, power failure, human error, and the like. It is crucial for the successful functioning of the company because it represents security, builds trust among clients and destroys barriers in various business fields.

Since it is a service to protect against loss of business data, it is necessary to consider carefully and choose an adequate software solution based on the needs of business and business policy. COMING can offer you an on-premise model or a remote backup option.

Veeam Backup and Replication

Veeam backup is at the very top of the data storage software, and it is easy to use by the competition. The solution is so designed that it is especially receptive to small and medium enterprises. Some of the reasons for this are: remote backup, full visibility and control, creating a location for disaster recovery and cost-effectiveness.
The ability to replicate virtual machines to the infrastructure of Certified Cloud Connect Providers has been introduced, giving them the opportunity to quickly and easily recover. The advantage is the option of a full and partial failover, which users can manually initiate.

Veritas NetBackup

Veritas seeks to provide the best solutions in its class, enabling users to protect, locate and recover information that is critical to their business. Veritas NetBackup is a solution that allows full coverage and integration of different technologies in one place, whether you need backup cloud, physical or virtual infrastructure. Veritas NetBackup implies unique data protection and eliminates the need for additional solutions. It offers a corporate solution, available on a converged platform that can be installed as software, while being highly scalable. Veritas NetBackup provides a visual experience for users when they want to gain insight into their information environment and, accordingly, make informed decisions that will improve the way how corporate data management is managed and how to access them.

Storage backup devices

Since the amount of information used in modern business is increasing every day, there is a need for devices that will allow data storage with better resource optimization and more efficient use of information.

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