Nowadays, when the amount of digital content becomes more and more demanding for storage, the issue of optimizing business data and consequently reducing operating costs is being posed.

About the solution

Storage of old data does not only consume valuable server resources, but costs time and money spent on managing and maintaining. Whether data is stored on rented or own infrastructure, it is important to provide flexible access to content, with the possibility of deduplication to minimize the occupancy of space. Another important feature in archiving is searching, easily finding and handling archived data.

Veritas Enterprise Vault provides a solution that allows the organization to store, manage and disclose key information by archiving. The solution can index, compress and deduplicate data in order to reduce the use of storage space and reduce the cost of the company. Enterprise Vault releases critical space on the production server by moving files to alternative storage devices without affecting the end user. Also, Enterprise Vault provides the ability to archive or even delete files by file type, age, or other criteria.

Storage Devices

Since the amount of information used in modern business is increasing every day, there is a need for devices that will allow data storage with better resource optimization and more efficient use of information.


The general regulation on the protection of personal data, that is, The General Data Protection Regulation is a legal framework that prescribes the manner in which personal data is used. COMING can introduce you to the effects of GDPR and compliance measures, and thus assist in the implementation of regulations and the establishment of a favorable business environment.

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