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In addition to reliable data storage, which is the basic function of the database, systems increasingly need to meet the needs of users in terms of statistical / analytical processing. This has led to the development of another product line, designed to manage the so-called. data warehouses suitable for analytical processing.

About the solution

The solution, or platform, that emerged as a response to the growing volume of transactional and semi-structured (textual) data is SAP HANA – which uses a number of standard industrial servers as the basis for managing databases (sizes measured by hundreds of terabytes) and their statistical processing (integration with open statistical plaque “R”).

It is a relational database that combines many of the above solutions: transaction management, analytical / statistical processing, analysis of textual (unstructured) data, extensibility to web solutions (Hadoop). In addition, it is not just about introducing new features but also about the dramatic increase in data processing speed – tens or even thousands of times. Fast processors, parallel data processing and databases stored in the server’s operational memory today look like the ultimate solution and platform for a new type of enterprise management: real-time business.

SAP HANA is a platform that accepts data from a variety of sources, and is designed to make SAP business applications, as well as other applications and sources of structured and unstructured data, either for transactional, analytical or combined processing. At the base of the platform, there is a hybrid data storage system that combines three approaches-based on rows, column-based and object-based. In addition, HANA uses modern compression algorithms, allowing data to occupy less space and be stored in the system’s working memory instead of the hard disk.

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