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As for oil is said to be black gold, we can freely say that information is gold in the business world. The one who manages to use them in the right way - certainly gets it.

About the solution

Business intelligence solutions provide support for business decision-making and thus strengthen your business strategy. A well-established strategy, based on the right information, is one of the key elements of successful business.

BI (Business Intelligence) systems are a business reporting tool. By using these tools, management receives accurate and fast information based on transaction data from the ERP system. BI systems are designed to enable the processing of a large number of data in a very short time, in order to create business report for making business decisions. BI systems provide reports on the basis of which it is possible to monitor trends, find the legality between some seemingly unrelated phenomena, and even predict events with high probability of realization.

BI solutions, in contrast to transaction reports from the ERP, are maximally indexed for processing large amounts of data and collection, so that they can provide data at high speeds for example for sales in the past five months, a comparison of the best-selling items of that year with the previous and etc. In addition, BI reports are interactive: if at the first review we see a bad result, by clicking this result we can get information on why this is, or the display according to some dimension, e.g. department or salesman. So BI reports, or information they provide during the review, can very easily lead to the source of the problem, or bottlenecks, although the databases are huge and there are a large number of users on them.

Also, we must emphasize the simplicity of BI systems that provide the possibility that anyone, within the scope of their business, can receive the desired report in just a few steps. In this way, saving time and speed of making an adequate decision directly increases the productivity of the company.

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