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Due to the dramatic increase in the number of data managed in the business, companies are facing the challenge - how to use all this information to the best of their ability. The solution is to install ECM (Enterprise Content Management).

About the solution

ECM (Business Content Management) is a set of technologies that allow organizations to integrate content and business processes through a single platform. ECM is a category of software that helps manage all unstructured content.

The benefits of using a SharePoint ECM solution are as follows:

  • Enables a unique infrastructure for all your business sites
  • It provides excellent tools for collaboration, which facilitates the exchange of ideas and collaborative work
  • Automatically sorting content and thus allowing easy management of them
  • Gives access to information in databases, reports and business applications to anyone who needs it
  • Allow search of information and documents
  • It offers tools and components for the automatic execution of business processes

These tools actually allow you to bridge the gap between structured data (tables in relational DBMS) and unstructured data (text, email, multimedia, fax, SMS, etc.) by combining both sets of information in one place and thus providing new opportunities for companies. The entire archive is located in one place, which significantly reduces the process of searching and transferring information or documents. Ease of browsing and data availability are just some of the key benefits of this tool.

One of the functionality of SharePoint solutions is a calendar, as one very powerful tool that allows all meetings, resource reservations and a review of the obligations of all employees to be accessible to everyone using the portal, thus reducing organization and time planning to a very simple job. What’s also great is the ability to synchronize your Outlook calendar with the calendar in ECM.

Alerts, tasks, document set, data management, list organization and library organization, as well as security are some of ECM’s functions that help to increase the efficiency of the company’s management.

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