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The need for resource planning appears even with the emergence of the first production systems. The goal of resource planning was the same as today - save time, reduce costs and thus improve your business.

About the solution

Today, the market is changing at an incredible pace. Managers are expected to make important decisions without one being hasty and mistaken. In making such important decisions regarding the planning of resources, it is of utmost importance that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the one that can not be imagined for the operation of a modern company.

ERP systems help automate all business processes. This means that an ERP system allows the user to shorten the time for which he receives business information, at any time to have an insight into the actual state of his business, and therefore to make appropriate decisions and increase the productivity of the entire business.

At the core of the ERP system, there is an integrated database, which allows the data and transactions of all business processes of the company to be in one place, easily searchable and accessible from every location. Once entered, data is recorded on all business functions it refers to, which significantly reduces the time the information is transferred.

When is the right time to implement an ERP solution?

  • When the company records losses in production and has difficulties in providing services, it is certainly time to re-engineer.
  • When the company is experiencing rapid growth, existing resources are poorly distributed or often insufficient to address the requirements that are before you.
  • If you are thinking of expanding your business.
  • If you are still wasting a lot of time on the administration.

Today, often unreasonable ERP solutions are identified with a bookkeeping program. Although ERP solutions have the elements of accounting software, they are far more than that. ERP integrates all business functions into one resource planning system.

ERP solutions are offered in on-premise and cloud variants:

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