The amount of paper business documents in companies grows day by day. Such important documentation is usually archived by shelf and requires maintenance and storage by entire departmental staff. In this way, data becomes hard to find and most often useless, so electronic documentation is shown as a necessary solution.

About the solution

In the era of information technology, digitization of the archive is the key to the successful functioning of one company.

COMING is a solution for the new generation COMDOC, which brings a more efficient and safer way of document storage, and can be found in on-premise and cloud variants.

COMDOC service was launched in response to the growing needs of the domestic market for a complete, simple and functional solution for archiving and managing business data. This modern technology solution will grow in time and develop with your business. It is a long-term investment in the utilization of your working hours, which will certainly pay off in the coming period.

COMDOC allows:

  • Centralization of data
  • Business Mobility – the solution can be accessed from anywhere, at any time and from any device
  • High level of protection of business data
  • Continuous support of our team

The advantages of this service, along with the already listed ones, are a significant improvement in the level of security, as well as the elimination of the need to provide any physical space. An important feature is the efficient search for documents, where users have the ability to locate documents based on created folders and / or subfolder as well as on the attributes assigned to documents, thus achieving significant time savings.

A digital signature is a vital function of this service and what distinguishes it from other archiving systems. The digital signature confirms the authenticity of the content of the message and guarantees the identity of the document signer. In addition, through roles, i.e. tasks in the system achieve additional data security in terms of searching, editing and archiving data.

The basis of ComDoc is workflow documents, that is, assigning a document to a specific person for processing based on data flow. There is the possibility of manually managing the flow, where the document is manually forwarded to the next person when the previous person finishes work on it. The second option is a rule based workflow that defines a specific document flow, or the path of a document that it must pass to be verified and archived, thus achieving process automation and respecting the predefined hierarchy and procedures. The third option is a hybrid approach, or a combination of the previous two.

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