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An increasingly aggressive market requires a high level of automatization and business mobility. Acceptance of modern business applications has become vital for the survival of the company. The question is when a small and medium-sized enterprises will recognize the importance of integrated business application solutions.

Application Services at COMING

Digitized business means, first and foremost, use of advanced business applications. For business digitization presents even grater change than the appearance of internet.

By using business applications you achieve the highest level of business processes automatization: there are no repetition of tasks, operational expenses are minimized, business functions are logically connected, ability to instantly have realistic insight into state of business, communication with users, suppliers and others is automated.

The importance of application solutions reflects in functions that they provide:

  • Support to company resource management processes
  • Accounting processes and reporting (controlling)
  • Systems for sales management and customer care
  • Business flow and documentation management
  • Data analysis, trending and decision making support

Business solutions that we currently offer in cloud or on premise:

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